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Game Design

  • Designing/implementing core gameplay mechanics and systems.

  • Telemetry and other tools for designers and other teammates.


  • C#, with a focus on applications within Unity.

  • Rapid integration into new tools/engines to a comfortable level.

Key Skills
  • 2 years producing for multidisciplinary academic team projects

  • 3+ years C# classwork experience

  • 2.5+ years Unity classwork experience

  • 1+ years Unreal classwork experience.


Sept. 2021 - Present

Systems Designer, Gameplay Engineer

Team GUET, Unreal Engine 4

"Nebula Spike"                                                                        Team of 5

  • Designed/implemented core pickup systems through Unreal blueprinting to interface seamlessly with future AI.

Sept. 2020 - Apr. 2021

Producer, Systems Designer

Team Apathetic Apothecary, Unreal Engine 4

"Chamomile Grove"                                        Team of 18, Team of 17

  • Designed crafting and quest systems to improve play experience.

  • Prototyped dynamic camera effects in Unity to ease tech workload.

  • Guided team with Agile-style production methods.

Sept. 2019 - Apr. 2020

Producer, System Designer, Technical Tools Designer

Team Cosmic Pineapple, Custom Engine

"Salvager"/"Honey Hustle"                               Team of 8, Team of 14

  • Guided team with Kanban and Agile-style production methods.

  • Designed heatmapping tool for designers within Unity prototype.

  • Prototyped core mechanics in Unity to rapidly iterate with designers.

Other Skills
  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator (familiar)

  • Autodesk Maya (familiar

  • Japanese (familiar)​

  • C++ (familiar)


Expected April 2022

Bachelor of Arts in Game Design

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Redmond, WA USA


July 2017

Bachelor of Arts in Fashion:

Design and Construction

University of Wales Trinity St. David

Carmarthen, Wales UK


Feb. 2020 - Present

Contract Playtester

SlugFest Games

Sept. 2019 - Present

Teaching Assistant for Computer Science 116 (C#)

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Sept. 2021 - Present

Teaching Assistant for Design 302 (Game Design II)

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Sept. 2020 - Dec. 2020

Teaching Assistant for Design 220 (Systems Design I)

DigiPen Institute of Technology

Sept. 2019 - Apr. 2020

Teaching Assistant for Psychology 101/201 (Cognitive)

DigiPen Institute of Technology

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